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Extra clean production bags

Extra clean production bags

Bag production certified according to the ISO 22000 standard (Czech plant) and the FSSC 22000 scheme (Slovak plant). These standards specify the requirements for a food safety management system for all organizations in the food chain, including primary packaging intended for food. In this way, we can guarantee the fulfillment of above-standard requirements for the production of large-volume bags in terms of quality, safety and health.

Hygienic production guarantees use in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, or in other special areas requiring packaging material that meets the strictest cleanliness requirements. The entire production process - from the input material to the packaging of the finished bags - is governed by internal regulations that guarantee completely clean bags. Workers wear hygienic clothing, including shoes and headgear, and are specially trained and trained. Contamination by even small foreign particles such as hair, fabric scraps or thread is eliminated. Metal detection is also performed in any position (e.g. a broken needle), incl. conductive fabrics. The most risky components (fabrics) used for the production and assembly of the bags are ultrasonically sealed. The ends of the suture sealants and the sutures themselves are thawed. Neither the bags nor the individual components come into contact with the floor. The bags are inspected on the light table.

Standard bags (Big Bags) can be supplemented with foil

- standard polyethylene foil

- special barrier foil

- foil with construction

Safe SWL load - up to 2,400 kg of material.

Safety factor SF

5 : 1 (single use)

6 : 1 (multiple use)

8 : 1 (multiple use)

Structural design

The bags can be freely configured according to the customer's needs.

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