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Standard bags

Classic 4-point bags with wide use for most loose and bulky materials with a volume of up to 3 m³.

Typical product - agricultural crops (grain, rice, cocoa beans, soybeans), construction materials (gravel, sand).

Standard bags (Big Bags) can be supplemented with foil

- standard polyethylene foil

- special barrier foil

- foil with construction

Consult the manufacturer for the use of bags for filling materials with a temperature higher than 60°C (according to EN 1898). Big Bags can be used even at temperatures approaching -40°C. UV stabilization - 150 kLy.

Safe SWL load - up to 2,400 kg of material.

Safety factor SF

5 : 1 (single use)

6 : 1 (multiple use)

8 : 1 (multiple use)

Structural design

The bags can be freely configured according to the customer's needs.

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