About us

Who we are

Conrop, s.r.o. was created by the merger with the company LANEX Packaging s.r.o. to 1.1.2013.

The scope of business activity of CONROP, s.r.o. is production, development and sale of flexible packaging (called BIG BAGS), designed for packaging, handling and transport of particularly bulk and liquid materials. Company is certified according to ISO 9001:2009, the construction of bags according to ISO 21898 standards. Manufacturing workshops of the company are deployed in Europe, the headquarter is located in Bolatice in the Czech Republic. CONROP, s.r.o. operates on a worldwide scale with deliveries to more than 20 countries. The share of export makes over 82% of the total sales.

What we do and why we do it

Main production program of the company is production of four-point flexible intermediate bulk containers designed for the specific use in demanding field of packaging of materials in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. The secondary group of products is represented by production of container liners, bags for liquids, bulk storage silos, sewing threads, woven webbings and also special products as an example, the flood protection bags.

In addition to quality which is a matter of course for us, we focus our efforts on specialization, flexibility and prompt deliveries on time. We carefully pay attention to satisfy all the requirements of our customers as far quality and to establish resources for further development of the company.

What is our mission

In long term horizon to satisfy the flexible needs of customers by quality and reliable products with orientation to alcove segments that require specialized solutions. We apply client care with individual approach, permanent care of quality and development of products to meet the motto of our organisation professional solution“.


CONROP, s.r.o. —the merger with the company LANEX Packaging s.r.o.

2013 - now

LANEX Packaging s.r.o. —spin-off and creation of a separate legal entity


LANEX, a.s. —distribution divisions according to production program (SPJ1 —Bulk bags)


LANEX, a.s. —creation of a separate legal entity under privatization

1990 - 1991

JUTA, s.p. — start of production of bulk bags