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Carrying capacity

Safe Working Load (SWL) - the maximum documented load that the bag can carry in operation. As standard, the bags are designed for a load capacity of 500 to 2000 kg.

Safety factor (SF) – whole number quotient of the maximum test load in a cyclic test and the value of the safe working load (SWL), rounded down.

Safety coefficients used:

SF 5:1 - single-use bags - bulk bags designed and used for single filling and unloading

SF 6:1 - bags for standard re-use - high volume bags designed and used for a limited number of filling and unloading. Bags of this category cannot be reused if they are damaged, i.e. they are not repairable

SF 8:1 - bags for frequent reuse - high-volume bags designed and used for a large number of filling and unloading